Lounge Furniture

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Ecologic Furniture sofas, chairs and tables for student lounge applications helps you create comfortable, yet elegant and durable public spaces in your residence life facilities. And our recycled leathers, recycled steel, sustainably-produced hardwoods and other environmentally-friendly materials help demonstrate your school’s dedication to the future.

Sonoma Lounge Collection

Santa Fe Lounge Collection

Cypress Lounge Collection

Sonoma Series of Student Lounge FurnitureSanta Fe Series of Student Lounge FurnitureCypress Series of Student Lounge Furniture

Huntington Lounge Collection

Pacifica Lounge Collection

Laguna Series Collection

Huntington Series of Student Lounge FurniturePacifica Series of Student Lounge FurnitureLaguna Series of Student Lounge Furniture

Geneva Lounge Collection

Ottoman Collection

Geneva Series of Student Lounge Furniture

All of our student lounge sofas and chairs feature modular construction for ease of repair and re-upholstery. This can help reduce your total lifetime expense while ensuring that your facility offers a clean, fresh look to your students every semester. And we can customize finishes, upholstery, and colors to complement any architectural style.

For more information about college and university furniture built with sustainable materials and earth-friendly manufacturing processes, call Ecologic Furniture at (847) 234-5855 or fill out our Contact Form to request a quote.

Download Ecologic Student Lounge Furniture Brochure      Download Ecologic Student Lounge Furniture Brochure