Interior Design Services

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See your new residence life furniture before you buy it with Ecologic’s interior design services. Our design experts and technologically-advanced resources can help you and your design team understand how to best optimize your existing space to make your facility attractive and comfortable for your students. We can even design and provide 3-D renderings with animation so you can see what finishes, colors and fabrics look best in your college or university housing facility.

Get a customized 3-D rendering of your dormitory rooms, student apartments or lounges, and see how Ecologic’s attractive, durable residence life furniture can appeal to your students.

For more information about Ecologic’s selection of beds, desks, armoires, wardrobes, chests, tables and chairs for college and university residence life applications, shop Ecologic’s Residence Life Furniture Catalog, our University Village Furniture Catalog, and our Lounge Furniture Catalog to choose the styles that are best for your campus.

Call us at (847) 234-5855 or fill out our Contact Form to learn more.